Cheers, my name is Heath Mason.  After graduating from Northern Michigan University I realized that I wanted to get into the conservation career field, but in some ways that is happening.  For two years I worked in remote locations in Alaska as a fish technician which helped me to appreciate nature more while being in God’s country.  Fisheries are in some ways conservation as the hatcheries around the world produce various native species of fish to curve population crashes.

I am from Michigan yet have an ambition to travel when possible.  Now, I am pursuing a career in public administration with hopes of branching into aviation.  I am attending Central Michigan University for my Bachelor’s of Science in Public Administration.  It is a large turn from conservation, but where the journey leads is the fun part in life.

I live in Midland with my wife Sarah, dog Dobby, and cat Peppers.  We are a close bunch with a lot of love.  We continue to stay connected with family and friends while enjoying the moments in Midland.