I have created this page in conjunction with New Pursuits because it was during my time with the Clare Municipal Airport that I decided to pursue aviation as a career while still being able to use public administration skills.  This change comes from a love for the sky, travel, and wanting to share this dream with others I know.  My brother-in-law also has a passion for aviation, as I suspect we all do. When spending time with the airport manager in Clare he suggested Clare due to the affordability through them.  If you are interested please click here to donate to my go fund me page to pay for flight school, any small donation helps to accomplish this dream.

Aviation is such a spectacular field as it can be used for private, scenic, business, or commercial use.  It is essentially for anyone who wishes to pursue it.  Through the completion of flight school I aim to share my knowledge and skills with others.  If it be occasional flights, education, nature viewing, or business it means that people are out there in a small plane able to appreciate the art of flying while obtaining a new perspective on the world.  If you are interested in flying please visit Gleim for instructions on attending classes.  If it is careers you are interested in researching visit AOPA.