October of 2015 on the second day I married a dear friend of mine, Sarah (below).  I thought I would share with readers a moment in my life that was significant and memorable.  Sarah and I first “met” through a dating sit while I was in Alaska.  The great aspect of Alaska is its remote location with a somewhat simpler way of living.  I lived at Kitoi at the time we starting communicating.  At first we communicated through e-mail as a standard safe approach to speaking with a complete stranger.  This was late June 2015 when e-mails were being exchanged.  After the first month of corresponding with one another, feeling that we were getting along well, I made one of many bold moves and asked for her address, so we could begin writing letters.  The simple art of handwriting is unmatched especially in today’s world of miscommunication and speaking with people through text messages instead of real time.  Away from that side note, Sarah agreed it was time to begin writing in a different method.  I gave her my address and she gave me her address.  I will not forget being excited to write again instead of using electronic means.  I wrote her four pages in the first letter explaining my job, friends, hobbies, and asking questions about her.  Mail moves slow when living at a remote hatchery, because the mail arrives once or twice a week depending on weather.  In addition, it has to travel over a thousand miles before arriving in the hands of the recipient.  What I am saying is that I had to be patient for her response.


Well, after about two or three weeks I received a letter from Sarah in the afternoon post.  I remember being ecstatic about the letter, the paper it was written, and the fact it was seven pages.  I read the letter as fast as possible so I could read it again.  I could not wait for work to end so as to have the opportunity to respond to Sarah’s letter.  The letter writing continued until November along with the occasional phone call when time allowed.  It was in October when I decided to ask her if she wanted to take our relationship to the next level.  On a weekend I made a call to Sarah in order to say what I was thinking rather than write it.  Well, unfortunately she did not answer right away, which felt disappointing because some courage had to be mustered before placing the call.  Instead of trying to call I wrote an e-mail explaining how I felt instead, going against what was mentioned earlier, due to complications with the phones and time difference.  Surprisingly enough an e-mail arrived later that day in response to my question.  She mentioned how she wanted to wait until we met in person as an original plan, but said she felt it was right to say yes for there was a strong connection between us, a connection of trust.  It was on this day we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

We married in Midland, MI Home of the Modern Explorers, which houses the Dow Corporation.  For the honeymoon we travelled the U.P. camping and exploring the state during the beautiful fall month.  We visited Tahquamenon Falls, Mackinaw Island, and Traverse City, where we had our first vacation and where I gave her a promise ring; the ring was to signify my commitment to her.