In July of 2015 I moved to Midland, MI ( with my fiancé and now wife.  It was here I started a pursuit in my life for a career in public administration.  I started with city council meetings in Midland where I learned about issues great and small.  I also established contacts with the council, mayor, and city manager.  It was this summer that I applied for admittance to Central Michigan University to study public administration.  As the months progressed into fall and city council meetings went by it seemed like an opportune time to find information job shadows.  After speaking with City Manager of Midland, Jon Lynch, a meeting was set up to job shadow to understand his role in the city better.  Well, this contact led to another contact which would be County Controller Bridgette Gransden (  I had the opportunity to job shadow Bridgette to get an understanding of government at the county level.  There are many similarities between the city and county along with differences.

The job shadows were brief yet educational moments.  My thirst for knowledge led me to consider other options to improve upon an understanding for local government.  Through a source Jon gave me, I searched the Michigan Municipal League ( site for positions.  It was here internships were discovered.  The closest interning city to Midland was Clare.  Having always passed the city to go north I was curious what it would be like to visit the actual city not the rest area.  I set up a meeting with City Manager Ken Hibl for clarification on the position such as what would the internship entail.  He informed me it would be an opportunity where I would be experiencing all departments within the city (e.g. water/wastewater plant, Department of Public Works, clerk, airport, etc.).  Well, having such a passion for knowledge I was excited to begin.  So when the new year (2016) began so did the learning.